UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) emphasize a critical overhaul of current fishing practices and management in marine systems and aquatic ecosystems more generally. Specific targets such as support for small-scale fishers (14.9)increase economic benefits for marine resources (14.7), and end subsidies for overfishing (14.6) have made poor progress given the original 2030 deadline of achievement. Although a plethora of management approaches and economic strategies have become available in recent decades for catalyzing these changes, the understanding of available pathways for small-scale fisheries (SSF) to achieve SDG’s remains ambiguous. Under even the best circumstances, implementation of approaches common to industrial fishing can be excessively demanding for developing nation and SSF communities with fisheries being often data-poor and not able address local sustainability priorities. The proposed symposium will bring together speakers from the SSF and aquaculture communities who have implemented creative solutions to overcome barriers to achieve sustainable environmental and socio-economic goals.

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