1. Designate an Admin: To register multiple attendees, designate one person to be the contact admin. The admin will be the one to register each group member.
  2. Create Admin contact: After clicking the group registration link, the admin of the group must first fill out their own personal contact information, regardless if they are attending LACFC or not 
  3. Registering group members: To register a group member, click the “+Add Group Member” button. The registration system will prompt the Admin to enter the individuals registration information. Repeat this for each additional group member. 
    1. If a group member is already registered, go through “Add Existing Contact” and enter their first and last name. The registration should pre populate their information they initially put when they registered  
    2. If admin wants to register themselves in the group, go through “Add Existing Contact Profile From Group as Attendee” and click admin’s profile 
  4. Payment: To pay for entire group, click the “Submit Payment” button and enter credit card information
    1. After registration and payment is complete, each individual should receive a confirmation email 
  5. Invoice: To get an Invoice, click “Invoice Options” and admin can either get a pdf of the group statement or individual group member’s statements


    • If you are getting a “Sections are Not Available” error in your group registration, that means you are missing required fields in your group member’s contact information in the “Contact Information” section. Please return to that section and make sure all *asterisks are completed before moving on to the next registration section.
    • If a group member’s registration information needs to be changed, go to “Group Home” and click “Registration” and admin can change that person’s information 
    • We are only accepting card payments online. If you require special accommodations for payment, please contact
    • For additional assistance, please contact